Thursday, August 25, 2011

1- There Are Always Possibilities

It seems like such an easy thing to say.  "There are always possibilities." Maybe it's just the "glass half full" part of me that believes this. My Pollyanna hat, as some friends say.

Years ago, I belonged to a writing club, and we published a newsletter with short stories and poetry, mainly of a science fiction theme.  The group motto was: "There are always possibilities".  When writing science fiction or fantasy, there are always options.  You can do whatever you want with your character--have them suddenly have the ability to fly, shrink them to the size of an ant, or even have them meet William Shakespeare.  The power is yours.

The same in our everyday life.  We are limited only by what we cannot imagine.  I used to live in a Safe House for battered women as a liaison worker in the home.  I would have weekly chat sessions with the women in the house, and I was at first shocked that few of these women had any kind of image of themselves outside of the situation they were in.  

I would pose a question.  "If someone offered to pay for your education for four years so you could go to college or university, and they would pay your rent, your food, your transportation and child care--what would you study?  What job would you love to do?" 

They couldn't come up with an answer.  The idea of getting out of their situation wasn't even a possibility for them.  For many of these women, actually attending college or taking courses, especially with government funding and grants available, was a very real option for them, but because they could not picture themselves ever succeeding in this way, they were unable to take that first step.  In fact, two-thirds of the battered women in that Safe House would go back to the person who had beaten them up.  He was better than nothing, they felt.  Maybe he would change, they would say.  

There are always possibilities.  True.  But only if you are willing to look for them.  Only if you are willing to step out of your 'safe' box, and explore the unknown.  
~ ~ ~

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined."  Henry David Thoreau


  1. Great beginnings. Making me think about the possibilities.

  2. Since you are one of my favorite writers I'm so happy to see that you've started a blog on writing. I've always thought it would be fun to write but I've believed I am incapable of writing creatively. The subject of your first posting makes me wonder if I'm just not allowing myself to see the possibility that I may indeed be able to express myself with words. Can't wait to read more or what you have to say about writing. [aka Cheri Allen]

  3. I'm on Chapter 4 of writing my first book! Possible? For sure! Happy to see your blog!

  4. Looking forward to reading more of you thoughts on writing. Yes, the possibilities can be endless, but I can understand those women at the Safe House. Seeing, dreaming of the possibilities is easy, but taking that step to make the possibility a reality...that's scarey.

    I will look forward to the possibilities that I may see with you, Lois.